Our story as specialists in entrance halls

Over 40 years of experience designing
and making products for apartment buildings

Cibox is a family-run business and was founded in 1971 as part of the expansion of Ets FELIX Père & Fils, a building metalworking company that has been in business since 1960. Cibox is based in Etoile-sur-Rhône, France and has a collection of industrial buildings equipped with sheet metal and aluminium production facilities.

The company began making metal letterboxes for apartment buildings with a “full opening” in compliance with the new standards issued by La Poste (French postal service). They were first used by the “Office HLM de Valence” (social housing organisation) and quickly became a popular choice all over France, especially in social housing blocks due to their vandal-proof properties.

As a result of such rapid growth, Cibox branched out towards Ardèche in 1990 with a high-output production facility equipped with an epoxy and polyester powder coating line and a high-capacity surface treatment tunnel (Guilherand-Granges site).

During this period, the company broadened its range of products by launching its new apartment building entrance doors with electromagnetic locking systems. Cibox was able to promote its new product based on the excellent reputation already acquired from its letterboxes. It was an instant hit.

To this day, Cibox has constantly been introducing new products, offering a complete range of doors, door furniture, letterboxes and other accessories for entrance halls. Cibox has become renowned for its reliability, stand-out designs and drive for innovation to anticipate the requirements of future applicable standards.