Installation example of our Cib'Slide motorized sliding door

Blain in Loire-Atlantique (44 - France)
Owner: ESPACE DOMICILE, social enterprise for housing

"Espace Domicile" was looking to motorize the entrance door of one of its residences reserved for people over sixty years old, in order to best meet the accessibility needs of the occupants. Cibox proposed its new range of sliding doors (Cib'Slide) which was perfectly suited to the needs of these people, while being integrable without masonry.

Thanks to an excellent team coordination and preparatory work upstream, the carpenter "L'atelier Senand" was able to finish the installation in one day, including the removal of the old door and the installation of the new one, as well as the retaking of the threshold to the latest Accessibility French standards. To the delight of the inhabitants who were able to secure their entrance hall at the beginning of the evening.

The door opening was coupled to a presence detector system on the inside, for automatic opening for each passage. On the outside, the door remains locked for security reasons and opens with a Vigik badge. For occasional visitors, an access control is active via an intercom system. The installation was carried out by " Instant Electronique ", specialist in weak currents. The intercom board has been integrated into the door's central post for added convenience.

Moreover, Blain being located in Loire-Atlantique nerby the sea, the door was made of lacquered stainless steel.

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