Classic apartment letterboxes

Indoor use

Metal models
Decorative models
Wood veneer models

Our solid metal models: Horus and Hercule

Our Hercule & Horus indoor metal letterboxes are designed to be “high security”.

Both models have the same box however Horus has a curved face made of pressed sheet steel while the Hercule model has a flat face made of folded sheet steel or aluminium.

The Hercules and Horus models are available in various blocks with a maximum of 5x3 boxes per block. If necessary, different blocks can be combined.

With 1 or 3-point locking systems and various optional features, these models are available in a stainless steel or lacquered metal finish and will complete any apartment building entrance hall.


Delivered ready to install.
Wall or flush-mounted.

Our custom decorative models

Our decorative letterboxes are based on the Hercule model only with a laser-cut custom design on the face to match the entrance doors. Several patterns are available as standard to match the door units from our decorative doors range.

You can also create a fully custom design for your letterbox doors (pattern, apartment no. etc.).

Our decorative models also come with various optional features: 1 or 3-point locking system, notice board, name plate, integrated intercom panel, 16 RAL colours to choose from, other colours available on request, etc.

Delivered ready to install.
Wall or flush-mounted.

Our wood veneer models: Odyssée and Cléo

Our Odyssée model features a compact melamine face for a homely wooden look. Our Cléo model features an attractive laminate face.

The boxes and case are made of steel and are identical to our solid metal models, providing maximum levels of security. The doors have a built-in 1-point locking system.

These indoor wood veneer letterboxes can be opened fully and are available in various banks with a maximum of 5x3 boxes per bank.

Available in several melamine or laminate finishes, these models also come with multiple optional features such as notice boards, name plates, integrated intercom panels, etc.


Delivered ready to install.
Wall or flush-mounted.