Our Cib'feu doors have been certified by an official French laboratory pursuant to the current European classification system.

Fire classification reports for our doors

EI230 / E260 RATING EFECTIS REPORT no. 11-A-727, renewal 17/1, valid until 16/01/2022
EI260 / EI2120 RATING EFECTIS REPORT no. 14-A-160 and 14-A-161 valid until 13/03/2019


Reminder of the European fire classifications

Fire resistance measures how long a door unit retains its sealing and thermal insulation properties. It is measured using the EU Euroclass classification system.

EUROCLASS E Resistant to gas and flames
EUROCLASS I Supplementary to Class E
Thermal insulation with a maximum of 360 °C at a specific spot and/or a maximum of 180 °C over the entire door
RESISTANCE TIME Expressed in minutes


EXAMPLE 1 EI 30: resistant to gas, flames and keeps out heat for 30 minutes
EXAMPLE 2 E 60: resistant to gas and flames for 30 minutes (no performance for class I)


The French classification system includes PF (Flame Arrester) and CF (Fire Proof) categories. In general terms, Euroclass E corresponds to the French PF and Euroclass EI corresponds to CF.

Purpose & use

EI30 / E60 RANGE

EI30 / E60 RANGE

Apartment buildings  Access to cellar and car park, common areas, rooms at particular risk, compartmentalisation, etc.
Indoor/outdoor use yes yes
Direction of fire front / back yes yes
Left or right door opening yes yes