Gamme Cib'AEV

Cib'AWW range

Air Water Wind RESISTANT

A truly protective shield that has been tested and classified.
Ideal in stormy, windy weather.

Fixed frames

Door set models

Air, water and wind resistance all from one door

Our Cib’AWW doors have been designed with air, water and wind resistance in mind.

They have been awarded the French AWW ranking, certifying their air, water and wind resistance. The higher the rating, the higher the level of resistance. This rating is awarded by an accredited independent laboratory, upon completion of a series of standardised physical tests using a dedicated test bench.

Our Cib'AWW doors have all achieved a rating that is higher than the minimum required by the DTU 36-5 frame of reference, meaning they are especially suited to adverse weather conditions (rain and wind) in most locations.

Air permeability A*3
Water-tightness E*6B
Wind resistance (pressure & deformation) V*C3


Heat insulation and resistance against vandalism

As well as being a protective shield, Cib'AWW doors are also excellent heat insulators and offer the same levels of security as our High Security range. The objective is twofold:

  • Strong, solid doors that offer long-term protection against vandalism and break-ins
  • High levels of heat insulation especially with the optional insulating glass, keeping the temperature of entrance halls regulated

From standard to made-to-measure solutions

  • Pivoted doors with built-in finger guard on leaf
  • 4 base models available in various finishes and colours
  • Large selection of handles
  • Certified double electromagnetic locking system (300 daN each)
  • Concealed pivot door closer (closing force 3 to 5)

Contact us to discover all our finishes and optional features.

Fixed frame and transom models

Customise your entrance halls

The designs of our frames are identical to our door sets. They are made of components that have been laser cut, bent and then welded together creating a monobloc unit. An adhesive seal is used on the outside and a clipper seal on the inside with a glass frame fixed to the upper part by invisible screws.

If you want maximum levels of heat insulation, our insulating glass is highly recommended. And if even more peace of mind is what you’re after, they can be fitted with 44/6 (SP10) safety glass with P5A rated anti-burglary protection.

From standard to made-to-measure solutions

  • 4 standard models available

  • Multiple different ways to align the rails on the doors sets

  • Adjustable rail and base heights

  • Contact us to discover all our finishes and optional features