Over 40 years of experiences

for apartment buildings

Bespoke solutions on an industrial scale
and a truly unique product on the market

With our extensive experience in metalwork, we can offer bespoke solutions on an industrial scale. Each and every product that we make is unique and custom-made in terms of dimensions and design.

Our efficient industrial organisation ensures a consistently high production capacity, excellent delivery times and superior quality products.

With its range of entrance doors, Cibox has developed a truly unique product on the construction market. The production process involves punching or laser cutting and then bending metal sheets to obtain two rigid panels bonded together with a polypropylene honeycomb core.

This method offers multiple advantages:

  • A solid monobloc leaf with excellent shock absorption and higher resistance to deformation
  • A flawless design without visible welding or grinding, with improved protection against corrosion
  • a solid monobloc frame made of folded sheet metal (reconstituted profile) for easy installation