Residential Range

CLEAR & elegant

Ideal for residential buildings:
a sleek design, both transparent and secure.

Fixed frames

Door set models

Lightweight yet robust designs

Our Residential range is a collection of steel doors made from complex bending with lightweight designs.  Our R&D department has struck the perfect balance between robustness, transparency and sleek design.

These doors for residential use offer premium quality at very reasonable prices.

Their various technical features really set them apart, making them a unique product on the construction market, guaranteeing durability and requiring minimal adjustments, care and maintenance: Pivoted doors, glass frames without glazing bead and without visible screws, fixed U-joints, and so on.

Great care and attention has gone into designing our hardware, including our stainless steel monobloc pivot kits that are manufactured in-house. They are highly compatible and have been approved by leading door closer manufacturers as they are extremely resistant to frequent daily use.

Our Residential range is the result of our expertise and the extensive experience that we have acquired year upon year. Maximising security and minimising the risk of vandalism have always been at the heart of our strategy, which is reflected by our various patents: vandal-resistant glass frames, curved plates on magnetic locks on vibration mounts without fastening screws, 800 daN electromagnetic locking system with sucker.

Standard features

  • Pivoted doors with built-in finger guard on leaf
  • Certified double electromagnetic locking system (300 daN each)
  • 4 basic models available in various finishes and colours
  • Anodized aluminium push handle
  • Concealed pivot door closer (closing force 3 to 5)

From standard to made-to-measure solutions

  • Customisable colours from various colour charts
  • Multiple accessories available: handles, stops, etc.
  • Custom door set dimensions
  • Adjustable rail height on selected models
  • NEW: decorative plate fitted in glass frames
  • Laser cut lettering or design on frame
  • NEW: lacquered stainless steel on leaf and frame
  • Fully concealed automatic door opener

  • Contact us to discover all our finishes and optional features.
    Our team of design draughtsmen will listen closely to your requirements and design the perfect doors for your projects, whether you are renovating or building from scratch.

Fixed frame and transom models

Customise your entrance halls

The designs of our frames are identical to those of our door sets with components that have been laser cut, bent, then welded together, creating a monobloc unit. An adhesive seal is used on the outside and a clipper seal on the inside with a single invisible glazing bead fastened to the upper section by invisible screws.

If added peace of mind is what you’re after, they can be fitted with SP10 (or 44/6) laminated safety glass.

The doors on our Residential range can be fitted with High Security fixed frames which are perfect for stainless steel (needed in coastal, wet regions) and glass frames.

From standard to made-to-measure solutions

  • 4 standard models available
  • Multiple different ways to align the rails on the doors sets
  • Adjustable rail and base heights
  • NEW: decorative plate fitted in glass frames


Easy installation designs

All our sets are delivered strapped together and ready for assembly, so that the glass is ready and the frame finishing done in our workshops is of a higher quality. For your convenience, our products come with pre-drilled holes and screws and bolts included (except wall plug for the frame).