High Security Range

STRONG & reassuring

Discover our high security doors:
keeping your entrance halls safe and sound

Fixed frames

Door set models

A range of entrance doors built with strength in mind

Our High Security doors have been our flagship product for over twenty years and represent the core of Cibox’s activity. They are constantly evolving and are the ideal solution for project owners looking to strike that perfect balance between security against vandalism and breaking and entering, and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Our aim is to provide strong products that stand the test of time. Their technicality limits any damage caused by vandalism and tampering, ensures they function correctly and prevents any damage from worsening, cuts out the need for frequent maintenance, and ultimately means they won’t need replacing often.

From standard to made-to-measure solutions

  • Pivoted doors with built-in finger guard on leaf
  • 7 basic models available in various finishes and colours
  • 1 anodized aluminium push handle
  • Certified double electromagnetic locking system (300 daN each)
  • Concealed pivot door closer (closing force 3 to 5)

Our team of design draughtsmen will listen closely to your requirements and design fully custom doors for your projects, whether you are renovating or building from scratch. Contact us to discover all our finishes and optional features.

  • Custom door set dimensions
  • Stainless steel or mix of stainless steel/steel
  • Laser cut lettering or design on frame
  • Decorative plate fitted in glass pane
  • Customisable colours from various RAL colour charts
  • Certified 600 daN reinforced electromagnetic locking system - NEW
  • 800 daN electromagnetic locking system with sucker

Carefully designed right down to the smallest detail

> Extremely robust monobloc components made of folded sheets with a polypropylene core which strengthens the leaf and provides better acoustic and heat insulation.

> Pivot hinges compatible with finger protection profiles which prevent shearing and unhinging from occurring.

> Ultra-resistant stainless steel monobloc pivot kits, which have been made by us and are compatible and approved by leading door closer manufacturers.

> Restricted access to the operating controls with access hatches that are fastened with vandal-resistant screws.

> Slots for flush fitting so there is no need for pull-out tests on components such as the intercom panel, exit button, etc.

> Reliable locking system via certified electromagnetic locks (300 or 600 daN each), mounted on shock-absorbent springs with invisible screws, anti-remanence curved plates without pins mounted on vibration mounts without fastening screws**, optional 800 daN** electromagnetic locking system with sucker.

> Glass without glazing bead with factory fitted glass frames with fixed U-joints that are ready to install and come in a perfect finish, screw locking system for replacing the glass** accessible when the door is open.

> Accessories: Solid stainless-steel vandal-resistant handle with invisible screws, custom door stops, etc.

** Patented systems

Fixed frame and transom models

Customise your entrance halls

The designs of our frames are identical to those of our door sets with 15/10 electro-galvanized steel that has been laser cut, bent, then welded together creating an ultra-resistant monobloc unit.

They are extremely robust and resistant to vandalism, and come without glazing bead and with patented glass frames made of aluminium profiles and fixed EPDM U-joints, compatible with 44/2 laminated glass. Our frames have no visible screws.

If added peace of mind is what you’re after, they can be fitted with 44/6 (SP10) laminated safety glass or a laser cut decorative plate in the glass frame.

From standard to made-to-measure solutions

  • 4 standard models available
  • A choice of various sizes
  • Multiple different ways to align the rails on the doors sets
  • Adjustable rail and base heights
  • Optional decorative plate can be fitted in the glass frame

If your frames require insulating glass, we recommend our AWW range of frames with the same design.