Decorative Range

MODERN & creative

Let your creative side shine through and create your very own Decorative door,
a valuable addition to your entrance hall.

Fixed frames

Door set models

Create your perfect door

Developed from the High Security range, the Decorative range lets you design a truly unique entrance door. With their perfect blend of security and aesthetic appeal, they set the tone for the building and enhance any entrance hall.

With meticulous laser cut finishing, they are available in various designs which can also be fully bespoke.  The pattern on the door can be made to match the pattern on the indoor letterboxes.

The technical features are all identical to those of the High Security range.

A unique product on the construction market

Our team of design draughtsmen will listen closely to your requirements and create a custom graphic design that can be laser cut. We can also help you get inspired by the latest trends.

The laser cut designs can be fitted onto all frames and transoms creating a theme to your entrance hall. These exclusive Cibox doors are a truly unique product on the market.

Standard Features

  • 8 standard models available in various finishes and colours
  • Flawless design, no visible grinding or welding
  • A large choice of handles with different models
  • Pivot Hinges
  • Certified double electromagnetic locking system (300 daN each)
  • Concealed Pivot Door Closer (closing force 3 to 5)

From standard to made-to-measure solutions

Various finishes and security options available:

  • Two-tone paint
  • Texture or glass finish
  • Custom door set dimensions
  • Bespoke laser cut graphic design
  • Concealed Cib'lock Locking System
  • 600 daN reinforced electromagnetic locking system - NEW

  • Contact us to discover all our finishes and optional features.

Fixed frame and transom models

Customise your entrance halls

The designs of our frames are identical to those of our door sets with 15/10 stainless steel components that have been laser cut and bent for maximum strength.

They are extremely resistant to vandalism and have glass frames without glazing bead. Our frames have no visible screws. If added peace of mind is what you’re after, they can be fitted with 44/6 safety glass.

Contact us to discover all our finishes and optional features.

From standard to made-to-measure solutions

  • 8 standard models available in different colours and finishes
  • Stainless steel frame with laser-cut pattern
  • Safety glass available as optional extra
  • Glass frame made of aluminium profiles
  • Frames customisable with the design of your choice

Mix & match our ranges

Our Decorative fixed frames are often combined with door sets from our High Security or Residential ranges. Similarly, our Decorative door sets can be combined with classic fixed frames from our High Security range.