Made in France

A highly efficient production facility based in France

Over 9000 m² fully dedicated
to apartment building entrance halls

Each of Cibox’s production sites are specialised. Significant investments have been made to improve delivery times, quality and production capacity.

> The first site is dedicated to the production of entrance door and letterbox components and features a laser cutting facility with an automated handling system and automatic punching, shearing and folding production lines. The site is also equipped with digitally controlled press brakes, a welding robot and semi-automatic and electric welding stations in order to increase production of the company's "made-to-measure” products.

> The second site ensures the preparation and finishing of surfaces, the assembly of finished products, as well as packaging and shipping for all ranges. Over time, the surface area of the facility has doubled in size and currently stands at 5000 m².

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Production capacity:
over 5,000 doors and 30,000 letterboxes per year